Why Outsource Church Accounting?


Continuity of Knowledge

At ChurchShield we utilize a team approach within our accounting service, ensuring that more than one of our staff members is familiar with your accounting system. If a church has an in-house employee leave employment, the church has to replace the knowledge that is lost and is left to train the next accountant; whereas, outsourcing shifts most of this burden off of the church. Further, because of our team approach, the loss of an accountant does not equate to the complete loss of the knowledge of your accounting system.

Cost Effective Expertise and Experience

Another prominent benefit of outsourcing with ChurchShield is that we are often able to provide an accountant with more expertise and experience at a lower price point than a church’s in-house employee. When you consider the total cost of an employee (salary, benefits, overhead, etc.), our full service accounting is often quite a bit more cost effective than a church employing an in-house accountant. It is important to note that all of our primary contacts are degreed accountants (not bookkeepers) who specialize in church accounting. Further, working with a third party gives our clients the assurance that their financial records are being reviewed by an independent party, adding a layer of transparency and accountability.

Best Practices for Churches

Our work with churches over the years has allowed us to develop a significant knowledge base of best practices for the administrative side of churches. When clients are looking for advice in a particular area, our accountants are able to draw upon this knowledge in working with a client to determine what the best course of action is for the church in light of current regulations, desired outcomes, and church specific culture. We often get requests from clients to connect with similar churches to discuss the addition of a new venture (coffee shop, daycare, etc.) and when permissible (and with permission), we are able to connect our clients so they can share their experiences.

Cross Department Communication

ChurchShield offers a wide array of services, including accounting, payroll, HR, insurance, tax and compliance services, and retirement help, all designed to assist churches in fulfilling their mission. When clients are engaged with more than one of our departments, they often find it beneficial that our staff are able walk down the hall to collaborate with one another. Therefore, engaging with ChurchShield allows a client to tap into the cumulative knowledge of 40 plus professionals who have dedicated themselves to working with churches in a variety of administrative capacities.

About the Author

Ryan Foust

Ryan currently serves as ChurchShield’s Operations Manager, overseeing the staff and the day-to-day operations of the firm. Ryan also helps lead the tax, accounting, and audit departments; working not only on the projects within these departments, but also with the managers of these departments to come up with innovative ways to serve our clients. Ryan graduated with honors from Anderson University with a degree in accounting and economics. He also serves on the board of a campus ministry in Charlotte and lends his expertise to a variety of local nonprofits.

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