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Payroll Services

Church payroll has unique laws, benefits, and exemptions that make it different from traditional, and corporate payroll.  It is important that your payroll is reviewed and processed by a firm who knows these laws to ensure that your church remains compliant, while also ensuring your team is receiving the most from these unique benefits.  Church employees must be properly classified between ministerial and non-ministerial employees, as well as additional sub-classifications that must be taken into consideration as well.

Church payroll is complex, and we have found that almost 90% of clients that have us review their church payroll for the first time have errors or issues that need corrected.  This is almost always because the processing is being done according to standard corporate laws, not church laws.  Because ChurchShield serves primarily churches and ministries, we’re uniquely aware of these important differences that traditional firms miss.

Saving money through payroll begins by accurately tracking employees’ time. We offer a variety of time and attendance options (including biometric and web-based), making it easier than ever to track and analyze employee hours.

Of course, our faith-based focus isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. We’re also dedicated to outstanding customer service. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Human Resources (“HR”) Services

We offer numerous HR resources to help make related administrative tasks more straightforward and less time-consuming. Whether you need full HR support – or just a little help here and there – we can deliver. From ready-made templates and customized documents, to assisting you with interviews, new hires, and more, we’re dedicated to providing what you need.

HR matters for churches are also unique and have a long list of laws that churches either do or do not have to comply with, as compared to their corporate counterparts. Even if you have an HR professional in house with years of experience working in corporate, there are specific areas that may be missed, that without assistance, they would never know.

Our professional Payroll & HR services include:

  • Full-Service and Self-Service Options
  • Weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and monthly options
  • Direct deposit
  • Electronic 941 and state filings
  • Year-end filings, W-2s, W-3s, etc.
  • Secure administrative and employee portals
  • HR services include endless number of forms, hiring, and firing procedures, employment contracts, ready-made templates, and customizable documents
  • HR education and training for staff
  • Electronic tracking of sick pay, vacation pay, paid leave, etc.
  • Assistance with maintenance, communication, and compliance with employer-provided health, dental, vision and/or life insurance plans, other employee benefits, etc.
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