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IRS Compliance Services

Churches and nonprofits face specific regulations that can seem complicated and hard to navigate.  To understand today’s rules – from IRS nonprofit compliance, to compensation, to retirement – you need specialized help. That’s why we’re here.

From initial planning and start-up to organizational governance, day-to-day technical advice, and even emergency IRS situations (and beyond), ChurchShield knows how to help.


Serving as a pastor is rewarding, but it’s also incredibly demanding.  Most pastors work long hours and are extraordinarily dedicated.  Even when they’re not on the clock, they’re on call – ready to respond to their congregation and community’s needs.  It’s only right to compensate them accordingly and the laws are more generous than you might think.  But how do you determine what’s appropriate?

At ChurchShield, we can help guide you through all your compensation discussions.  After all, we’ve found that most churches spend more money on staff than any other area of expense.   It should come as no surprise, then, that compensation is an important topic in many organizations.  Our compliance team has prepared executive compensation reports for a number of very large ministry clients.  They’ve also assisted young organizations in setting up their compensation.  No matter the size of your organization, ChurchShield can help determine appropriate compensation (salary plus benefits) to ensure compliance with IRS regulations.


You’ve worked hard. Your ministry is flourishing.  But there’s a problem. Your retirement plan has gone unplanned and unfunded.  Not to worry–we can help.  IRS laws allow unique retirement options for ministers and church employees.  Certain church plans have very high annual contribution limits and allow for a wide array of investment vehicles (ranging from the typical mutual fund to investment in real estate).

Very few firms can help you prepare the way that we can. No matter what phase of your life you’re in or the direction your ministry is going, we will help you plan for the future.

Our professional IRS Compliance, Compensation and Retirement services include:  

  • Choosing the best governing structure for your organization
  • Filling out and filing important IRS and tax-exempt forms
  • Becoming a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Navigating IRS regulations
  • Maintaining proper documentation
  • Compensation services such as compensation related analysis, reports, compensation minutes, planning, 4958 regulations, etc.
  • Retirement plans for churches, specifically 403(b)(9) plan document preparation, retirement plan adoption minutes, set up, ongoing administration and compliance
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