Can we use any accounting software?
Generally, we recommend QuickBooks Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics GP as we have partnered with both companies to offer cost-effective pricing. However, we are flexible and can support use a wide range of church specific software, such as Shelby and ACS, to meet your needs.

What does it cost?
Almost all of our accounting and bookkeeping clients pay a fixed monthly fee, which is based on the average transaction volume per month. Generally, our services are less costly than hiring an employee to fulfill the same accounting functions.

Who would I work with at ChurchShield?
We utilize a team approach when it comes to our accounting and bookkeeping clients so that there is always more than one individual familiar with your account.  This also ensures that you are able to get in touch with someone on your accounting team, even if you primary contact is not available.  All of our teams are led by professionals with accounting degrees, who are well versed in non-profit accounting.

How will we access our documents and data?
As an accounting client, we store all of your documents and data on our secure servers utilizing Microsoft SharePoint as a platform.  Therefore, you have online access to your data from anywhere, from any device, around the clock.

How will we get documents to ChurchShield?
We provide you with a online portal through Microsoft SharePoint to upload your documents to your accounting team here at our offices.  Alternative methods include, send the invoice by email, faxing them or even mailing them to our offices.

What reports are available?
Quite a few, including:

  • Cash Management Reports (Cash Requirements Report and True Balance Report)
  • Weekly Dashboard Report (optional)
  • Monthly Management Report
  • Aged Payables Report
  • Financial Statements
  • Customized Reports

How do we get started?
Send us a message or give us a call at 317 570-9573.