Can my church legally show the Super B*wl?

In short, yes, but there are stipulations.  First off, it’s probably best to avoid the use of the term “Super Bowl” as it is protected trademark of the NFL.  Secondly, a church should only use equipment that it uses on an ongoing basis for ministry purposes(i.e. don’t...

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The importance of donor letters

Just how important are those end of year donor letters and statements that charitable organizations send? Very important, according to the IRS. In a recent case, courts disallowed a charitable contribution deduction for a donor because of a defective donor letter sent...

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Are love offerings taxable to the recipient?

Churches sometimes collect “love offerings” from the congregation for a pastor to honor and bless the individual for their service to the church. When the collected funds are given to the pastor, they must be reported as taxable income. If the recipient is an...

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Fun with FICA tax!

One confusing area of church payroll is how to handle Social Security & Medicare taxes for Ordained/Licensed ministers.  Ordained/Licensed ministers are considered to be self-employed when it comes to their income from the church.  This means that churches are not...

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Employee Classification

One of the things that have been on the IRS’ radar in recent years is employee mis-classification.   Companies are tempted to classify workers as contract labor rather than employees because it saves them money on taxes.  Others just simply don’t know the difference...

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Staying on top of 1099’s

Staying on top of 1099’s Another January has come and gone, and for us accountants, that means the headache of 1099’s is behind us for another year. The best way to avoid those January woes is to stay on top of collecting W-9’s throughout the year. Here’s a brief...

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