About ChurchShield


Churches and ministries have specific accounting rules, IRS regulations and other legal issues unique just to them. There are numerous benefits and exemptions that apply only to churches, but there are also additional requirements that other organizations don’t have to follow. Unless you are a firm dedicated to this area, there would be no way to provide the required expertise to clients. This is why ChurchShield exists. Our mission is to help you navigate these waters while maintaining the highest level of expertise and customer service.

Our people are educated, highly trained, familiar with church and ministry needs, and committed to providing friendly and gracious customer service to meet whatever needs you may have. We consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to handle your routine, day-to-day “behind the scenes” tasks, providing you with the information you need on a timely basis to make important decisions. Our desire is to free you up so you can spend more time doing what God has called you to do – reaching people with the gospel. Our staff are mission minded, caring and responsive, and consider it a privilege to serve you. Simply put, we’re here so you can be free to minister.

From the time you first contact us to inquire about services, we want to be here for you. Our desire is to learn what is important to you, what your concerns are, the people you desire to reach, and the mission God has called you to accomplish. We consider our relationship with you to be a partnership; you share with us your vision and we promise to come alongside you to help you fulfill it in an upright and integral manner. Whatever responsibilities and duties are stressful or time-consuming or frankly, just “boring”; we would be honored to handle them.

We are faith based, not fear based, in our approach to all things. As opposed to other firms who say, “you can’t do that”, “that won’t work”, “no, that is not possible”, we have endeavored to develop a culture to find creative possibilities and solutions. We want to help you achieve your goals in the most accurate and effective manner, but also using innovative strategies. We strive to develop efficient, “out of the box” solutions (often utilizing technology) that others may not have thought of.

Our number one goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, but not just call them clients, call them friends. We greatly value what God has called you to do and what you accomplish every day. We are grateful you are fulfilling the call of God on your lives to reach people and make the world a better place by leading others to Jesus. No matter what size you are from just starting out, to a large, established worldwide organization, we have experience to help.

Our Mission

At ChurchShield, our mission is to help you fulfill your mission.  That is, in the most stress-free, and supportive manner.  We strive to come alongside your church and be a valuable behind the scenes partner.  We endeavor to provide a one-stop firm where we provide staff to serve you that is highly educated, experienced, friendly, and responsive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve you.  Let us take the role of assisting you with your accounting, tax, payroll, and other compliance needs, to free you up to focus on reaching people.

No matter what your size or budget, you are important to us, and we look forward to serving you.

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