Human Resources

What is the cost?
Contact us for pricing. Due to the nature and level of our HR services, the cost varies based on your needs. We are happy to set your organization up with a package that provides the best solutions.

Why outsource HR?
By outsourcing your HR, you gain time and save money. We do the research for you and provide resources that will help keep you in compliance.  Also, there is no need to hire a dedicated HR person. Or, if you have a dedicated HR person, our HR software and resources will help your HR manager to be more efficient. You also save time between HR and payroll when you outsource both services to Church Personnel Services. Enter information into one system and it will be available to both HR and payroll, ensuring items are not missed.

Why do we need HR software?
Due to the nature of HR, there are a lot of things to keep track of.  Hire dates, eligibility dates, Continuing Professional Education (CPE), skill sets, pay rates and history of pay raises are all important things in addition to the laws and regulations that affect the employ of personnel which you must keep in compliance with.  Our software will automate the tracking of most of these items and can assist in the compliance of various regulations.