What sort of plans do you offer?
We offer a comprehensive approach to providing retirement solutions for the senior pastor and all church staff. This includes the “triple-based” retirement approach. In addition, this also includes a qualified retirement plan created solely for churches, the 403(b)(9). Contact us for more information about these plans.

Does ChurchShield offer investment advice?
No, ChurchShield is not a licensed investor and we cannot give you investment advice. However we will work with you to determine the best retirement vehicle for your specific goal.

I’m nearing retirement and have nothing saved, can you help?
Absolutely. Currently a 403(b)(9) plan allows for $50,000 in annual employer contributions and, under the right conditions, deferred compensation plans allow for even higher contributions.

I’m interested – what now?
Send us a message or give us a call at 317 570-9573.