How do we report payroll to ChurchShield?
We offer multiple avenues of payroll submission. Our most popular is via Pay Sheet – an excel spreadsheet generated by our payroll software. Pay Sheet lists all employees and their rate and/or salary.

Or – if you use our integrated time and attendance software – simply review, approve and download the employee time and email the file to us. We will import the file to ensure that nothing is input incorrectly.

The third option of payroll submission is via our web application. Simply enter the hours and hit submit and our system will pick up your payroll for us to process.

How do we ensure payroll is processed accurately?
Our submission processes were designed to eliminate the errors associated with manual data inputs. We’re happy to process your payroll report a day early so that you’re able to review it.

How does the money get to our employees?
The day after your payroll is processed, we transfer the total amount needed for payroll from your church’s bank account into our dedicated payroll clearing account. The next day, these funds are then distributed into your employees’ bank accounts.

How do we receive reports?
They are emailed automatically to the payroll contact person after payroll is processed.

How do we pay for services?
Your processing fee is pulled via ACH debit along with the funds needed for payroll.

What is the cost?
Please Send us a message or give us a call at 317 570-9573 to obtain a customized quote based on your ministry’s unique setup. In order to provide you with the most accurate information, please include your current number of employees and pay frequency.

What are the benefits to outsourcing payroll?
There are numerous benefits. First, we have years of experience working with church and ministerial payroll, so you can have complete confidence in your payroll accuracy. In addition, we know all of the special regulations and exemptions that churches have, so you’re not paying unnecessary tax. We handle all of the required IRS and state report filings and payments for you, so you’ll never worry about missing a due date.

How do our employees get their pay stubs?
A copy of the direct deposit vouchers is included with the payroll report packet that is emailed after processing. We also offer Employee Self Service (ESS), which is a web-based portal that an employee can login and review and print his or her own pay stubs. Contact us for pricing!

What if we receive a notice from the IRS or state department of revenue?
Just send it in to us – we’ll follow up with the state or the IRS as necessary.

Do you only process payroll for local clients?
No! We have clients in numerous different states around the country.